Orders can be placed on-line or by telephone. To place an order, you must provide the KACP Products Access Code. This Access Code helps limit the availability of items with the KACP logo to KACP members only. If you are a KACP member and have not yet been provided the Access Code, please contact KACP Director Doyle King at 316-733-7300 or kacp@cox.net.
Products & Merchandise :: KACP Product Line

Kacp cooperates with DesignLab, Inc. in promoting a trading company that produces and offers excellent products to KACP members with the KACP logo on them. Whether you're looking for a kacp shirt, jacket, watch, or other item, DesignLab will probably help you. Users who have an access code to KACP products can visit a website tailored to their needs and familiarize themselves with some of the available features. If there's something you're looking for and can't see, just call them and they'll probably find it for you. They have hundreds of items to choose from. So take a look, place an order and proudly display the KACP logo on your next purchase.