Special Activities :: KACP InterNetworking Program

The Internet
Kacp InterNetworking is a new formalized communication program of the association designed to use the Internet to distribute important information, announcements and requests to the community of state law enforcement agencies. Using the KACPS address book of more than 400 law enforcement leaders in Kansas, this program allows us to communicate on important issues almost instantly.

As a service for KACP participants, participants are allowed and invited to provide information for the distribution of KASP on the Internet. The information provided must be ready for transmission and of interest to law enforcement agencies in Kansas as a whole. Specific guidelines are still being developed.

email flying out of monitor screenIt should not be assumed nor relied upon that information distributed through this program is necessarily reaching specific desired agencies or individuals due to frequently changing e-mail addresses, individual e-mail security settings and possible infrequent monitoring of e-messages by some of the addressees. It should be viewed much like a general broadcast, heard by many in law enforcement but not by all.

The value of this program is in its convenience, its cost efficiency and its swiftness of communication. The effectiveness of this program is in its numbers of e-mail addresses, more specifically, working e-mail addresses.

Members are asked to send their current e-mail addresses to KACP to help with the effectiveness of our efforts.

For your convenience, all you have to do is asking to be added to KACP's address book. Please provide your name, title, agency and all e-mail addresses you want added.