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Membership Categories   (Back to Top)
Active membership consists of the executive director of a city or tribe police department, a public safety agency, a joint law enforcement agency, a state law enforcement agency, a department or department, a university law enforcement agency, special agents responsible for federal agencies assigned to Kansas, and the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center.

The Associate Membership shall consist of an elected Kansas sheriff; any paid, full-time commanding officer whose chief executive is an Active member; and any faculty member of a law enforcement or criminal justice education program at an accredited Kansas college or university.

The Auxiliary Membership shall consist of officers who dont qualify for the other KACP membership categories as well as non-law enforcement individuals who work with law enforcement in a related field or have a special law enforcement interest due their skills, experience or contributions.

Lifetime membership must consist of any member who has served as president of the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police, or any Active Member who has retired from active police service and who, at the time of retirement, held the position of Chief of Police for at least three years prior to retirement. Also included are individuals who have been active or associate members of the Association for at least five years, who have served KACP with honor and distinction.

Member Benefits   (Back to Top)
KACP members in all categories are covered by a $2000 accidental death benefit provided by the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police.

The KACP also pledges to each KACP member that if he or she is killed in the line of duty, the Association will pay his or her surviving family a death benefit of $5000 to assist with unexpected expenses. This program, designated as the Kurt Ford Memorial Survivor Benefit Program, was created and adopted by the KACP in May of 2005 to honor the memory of the program’s namesake, who was KACP’s first member to be killed in the line of duty.

Another member benefit is a free subscription to the KACP Newsletter, a quarterly hard-copy publication providing information on contemporary law enforcement issues and announcements of KACP activities. Additionally, a recently formalized member service benefit is the KACP InterNetworking program. This Internet-based program allows us to share important information, announcements and requests, almost instantaneously, with nearly 600 law enforcement leaders across the state. Members are allowed and invited to submit information and requests for KACP Internet distribution. Members are asked to send their current e-mail addresses to to be included in the InterNetworking program.

KACP also provides information regarding its structure, history and its many community and member services programs through its new website, www.kacp.cc. As a member, you can access a bulletin board with KACP announcements, information, and documents. A new feature of the website is the photo access service, which allows you to print or download KACP photos from recent conferences and other events of the Association for free.

Housing assistance for the annual IACP conference is also coordinated for KACP members who wish to be part of the Kansas delegation and group hotel and hospitality arrangements.

Among numerous other benefits of KACP membership are Regional meetings/training sessions as well as the annual Kansas Police Administrators Seminar which is a joint KACP/KLETC educational seminar designed for new chiefs and upper administrative law enforcement personnel within the state.

The KACO Legislative Service is an amazing program that helps us identify and track key legislative issues related to law enforcement and informs members about the status of the bill. Our lobbyist represents us on law enforcement issues.

Our conferences provide valuable training, association business and product trade show activities, including tremendously important networking and fellowship opportunities.

Annual Membership Dues (Active Members)   (Back to Top)
1st Class Cities $130.00
2nd Class Cities $80.00
3rd Class Cities $55.00
Federal & State Agencies $130.00
Associate Members $30.00
Auxiliary Members $30.00
Membership Application   (Back to Top)
Qualified applicants are invited to apply for membership. Please print and mail the Application along with the appropriate membership dues.