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KACP is pleased to announce its recent collaboration with . < br> We entered into this business agreement as a service to Kansas law enforcement and a source of income for the association. Keep in mind that this program provides a convenient free online mailing of collision and crime reports for your agency. It also provides the department with free data sharing access for these reports as a valuable investigative tool. Take a close look at what docview offers and provides. We think you will be impressed.We are.

Docview With many agencies facing budget cuts, staff reductions or simply tasked with more than enough to do, many are signing on with to handle the secure distribution of their collision reports and crime reports, on-line, to involved parties and insurance companies.

  • Your agency will keep 100% of its report revenue / current fees – but will not have to process the requests (i.e. open envelopes, handle collection of fees, record the transaction)
  • Increases Productivity of Records Staff – no need to open envelopes from insurance companies, search for, process and log requests / can reduce counter traffic as well!
  • Reduces Operational Cost (eliminates need to pay for postage, merchant fees, processing, paper, etc.)
  • Archival and Disaster Recovery / Data Redundancy
  • Real-time Activity Reporting - Report transaction reporting – tracks purchases, dates/times, requestors, IP addresses and may be exported on demand
  • NO COST indexing of all passengers, all drivers, VINs, dates, cross streets, report numbers – huge time-savings for your Records Unit
  • Multi-jurisdiction (agency) search option of reports
  • NO COST data-sharing component for L.E. Detectives – search for reports, people, phone numbers and VINs across any Docview agency user statewide and nationwide – FREE resource

Over 700 Police Agencies & Sheriff's Offices use to save valuable time, lower their operations costs, increase revenue and participate in "data-sharing" (for Detectives) to find suspects and individuals across jurisdictions – locally, statewide and nationwide. (Nationwide Agency/Offices Users: Nationwide Police Agency Users List by State)

What is
It is a FREE service which enables accident & crime reports to be securely purchased by insurance companies and civilians securely via
  • Agencies who use simply direct insurance companies and citizens to the website to securely access and pay for their reports - Docview assists you with this communication to your citizens and insurance companies to let them know about the program.  
  • Free Indexing of Reports - Docview will index the drivers' names and all passengers' names, VINs, cross streets, and dates  from your crash reports, even if paper/handwritten. 
  • There is no need to open envelopes and processes these requests anymore - Docview handles the transaction and collects your normal counter fees, on your agency's behalf.
  • Docview will send you ONE monthly check for all reports purchased through Docview's website for your department during the previous month.
  • Improved service to your Citizens! No need for citizens to take time off work, drive down to the agency, pay for parking, stand in line and wait – instant access to their report, online!
  • Insurance companies and citizens love the ability to conveniently and securely purchase and view reports instantly, using the website - Docview uses consolidated billing for insurance companies to enable bulk billing for all reports ordered for any Docview agency user. Insurance companies save time, money and are able to settle their claims faster.
  • Your Records Department can use the Docview website at NO CHARGE to search for and print reports if needed.
There is nothing to purchase and absolutely NO fees that your agency must pay for our services.

Docview is endorsed by 21 Police Chief Associations – and several more pending!

Cost-saving Reasons to sign up with Docview, LLC:
  • Retain 100% of your current crash report revenues! Docview pays your agency its normal counter fees. Detailed transactions and activity of report sales are available online.
  • Save on Credit Card Transaction Fees! Docview accepts credit card payments and will pay the merchant fees for the report sales for your agency. 
  • Save postage! Reports are available to consumers to be printed directly from the website.
  • Save Time! There will be no need for your Records and Accounting Personnel to have to open envelopes or process any more checks - Docview will handle all of the invoicing for you.
  • We can also accept paper reports just as easily as electronic reports with minimal agency effort. 

Investigative “Tool” and Data Sharing for Law Enforcement Detectives – For LE use only and FREE

  • Docview's database provides excellent information for your Detectives in solving crimes – Detectives will be able to search for people and vehicles across Docview's database, consisting of indexed names and numbers for all agencies who use Docview's service – Over 700 agencies, nationwide
  • Search across jurisdictions for people, phone numbers, VINs and reports – locally, statewide or nationwide. Assistance with vehicle theft investigations.

Set up for your Agency is fast and easy!

  • Whether your agency is using paper (handwritten or typed) or an electronic crash report system – Docview can easily work with you to obtain your reports and publish them securely to bears NO COST to your agency and yields many benefits for the following departments:

  • Records Unit
  • Accounting Team
  • Crime Analysis
  • Traffic Unit
  • Detectives

Now Available – You can now make available selected crime reports that insurance companies are interested in purchasing will be automatically flowing into

Coming Soon – Citizens' Minor Collision / Incident and Crime Self-reporting tool – offered as a NO COST service to your agency, when you use our e-commerce program for collision reports.

For more information, contact:

Steve Person
Sales Director/Partner
5801 W Michigan Ave.  Suite D
Lansing, Michigan 48917
Cell 517-303-6797
Toll Free 866-394-0832


Doyle King
Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police
Executive Director
P O Box 780603
Wichita, KS